Outside GC, a leading law firm specializing in augmenting in-house legal teams and providing business-focused legal services to early-stage companies, is thrilled to announce its rebranding as OGC. This strategic change reflects OGC’s unique service offering and its dedication to revolutionizing the legal ecosystem. With over 20 years of experience, OGC introduces a new role, the OGC, which addresses the growing legal and regulatory challenges faced by businesses of all sizes.

A New Role for Effective Legal Management

The OGC role represents a groundbreaking approach that combines the strengths of traditional legal service strategies. It offers a powerful combination of (1) the business mindset of an in-house lawyer, (2) the extensive expertise of an outside law firm, and (3) the flexibility of an alternative legal services provider (ALSP). This innovative model is specifically designed to align legal strategies with larger business objectives, providing companies with experienced and efficient attorneys who can seamlessly manage their legal workload.

Addressing Resourcing Challenges

The OGC role is a response to the resourcing challenges faced by general counsel, CFOs, and CEOs. While these leaders recognize the value of partnering with experienced attorneys, finding the right resources can be a daunting task. OGC fills this gap by offering a unique solution that brings the benefits of an in-house lawyer while providing an external perspective and depth of knowledge. This allows businesses to navigate legal complexities effectively without adding internal legal headcount.

A Trusted Partnership

Amiel Gross, Vice President & General Counsel at the Center for Breakthrough Medicines, highlights the value of working with an OGC: “OGC is much more than an outside law firm to our business. They are a trusted partner that understands the legal issues and risks facing us and are able to give advice through an in-house lens. Adding an OGC to our roster has been incredibly valuable, not just for the experience and efficiency our lawyer brings, but also for the way he has become an integral part of our team.”

The OGC Advantage

OGC’s unique structure enables partner-level attorneys to closely align with clients while ensuring cost-effectiveness, predictable expenses, and flexibility. Every OGC lawyer has a minimum of 15 years of legal practice, including senior in-house roles, and possesses expertise across various industries and practice areas. OGC’s attorneys value the close alignment between business and legal work, allowing them to deliver exceptional value to clients.

Looking Ahead

Since its inception in 2002, OGC has strived to provide the best of all worlds by offering a distinctive option for procuring legal services. With the introduction of the OGC role, OGC aims to revolutionize the legal landscape, making the term “OGC” as ubiquitous as other legal roles such as GC, AGC, or DGC.

About OGC

OGC is a unique law firm that combines the advantages of traditional law firms with the cost savings and efficiency of an alternative legal services provider. With over 100 attorneys, OGC serves companies of all sizes, offering fractional general counsel services or seamlessly extending existing legal departments. Their approach emphasizes practical legal advice, minimizing unnecessary complexities. To learn more about OGC and their transformative legal services, visit OutsideGC.com.

In Conclusion

OGC’s introduction of the OGC role marks a significant step forward in the legal industry. By combining legal expertise with a business-first approach, OGC empowers companies to effectively manage their legal and regulatory challenges. With its rebranding and renewed focus, OGC is poised to reshape the legal ecosystem and deliver unmatched value to its clients, setting a new standard for legal service excellence.

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